Cognitive late effects, cerebral MRI-findings and fatigue after cancer treatment in childhood and adolescence

Norwegian title: Kognitive seneffekter, MR funn av hjernen og kronisk utmattelse etter barnekreftbehandling 


Project coordinator: Ellen Ruud OUS

Investigator: Bernward Zeller OUS

Collaborators: Vegard Bruun Wyller OUS/Ahus, Jon Håvard Loge OUS, Anders Fjell UiO, Kristine Walhovd UiO, Stein Andersson UiO, Kristian Tamnes UiO, Paulina Due-Tønnesen OUS

Synopsis: Part I studies the relationship between cognitive function and cerebral MRI findings in 130 long-term ALL survivors considering factors like past treatment, age at diagnosis and co-morbidity. The study is performed in collaboration with Center for the study of human cognition, Department of Psychology, UiO. Part II is a collaborative effort with the Pediatric Research Unit, Ahus and is a case control study of fatigue in childhood ALL and lymphoma survivors with emphasis on the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, endocrinology and microbiology

Funding: Extrastiftelsen Helse og Rehabilitering

Project Status: Completed, dissertation 2014