Follow-up consultations for adolescent and young adult cancer survivors: Practices today and possible improvements.

Norwegian title: Oppfølgingskonsultasjonen som helsetjenestetilbud til unge kreftoverlevere: Praksis i dag og mulige forbedringer

Project coordinator: Arnstein Finset, UiO

Investigator: Anneli Mellblom, Post doc, UiO

Collaborators: Jon Håvard Loge OUS, Ellen Ruud OUS, Hanne Cathrine Lie OUS

Synopsis: The project examines the current follow-up care practices of pediatric cancer survivors with an emphasis on the routine follow-up consultations and aim to propose a model for how these can be improved and formalized. Survivors' and clinicians experiences and preferences will be investigated through questionnaires and focus group study. A proposed model for follow-up consultations with regard to the frequency and duration of follow-up consultations and their content in different phases of survivorship will be pilot-tested.

Funding: The Norwegian Cancer Society

Project Status: Ongoing