Health care services and information for young cancer survivors – a patient perspective

Norwegian title: Helsetjenester for unge som har hatt kreft – Brukerperspektiv på behov og organisering

Project coordinator: Arnstein Finset, UiO

Investigators: Hanne Cathrine Lie, Post doc, UiO and Anneli Mellblom, PhD student, UiO

Collaborators: Jon Håvard Loge OUS, Ellen Ruud OUS, Sophie D Fosså OUS

Synopsis: Investigates the survivors’ perspective on how to best organize and provide long-term follow-up care, and how to best provide information about late effects after treatment for cancer at a young age. Survivor perspectives’ are explored through focus group interviews with adult survivors of childhood malignant lymphomas. In addition, video recordings of 67 actual follow-up control consultations with young survivors of lymphoma or leukaemia (aged 12-21 years old) have been analyzed for communication about late effects.

Funding: The Norwegian Cancer Society 

Project Status: Completed 2015