Physical capacity after treatment of childhood cancer – is there a need for systematic rehabilitation?

Project coordinators: Ellen Ruud OUS and Sigmund Andersen NIH

Investigator/PhD-students: In progress

Collaborators: Trulst Raastad NIH, Lene Thorsen OUS, Hanne C Lie OUS, Trine Stensrud NIH, Iren Mathews OUS, May Grydeland NIH

Synopsis: Physical activity among children during and after cancer treatment declines and is far lower than advised by the national Health Authorities, despite the future high risk of cardiopulmonary diseases among these long-term survivors. In close collaboration with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, we plan to perform a cross-sectional evaluation of physical fitness among adolescent cancer survivors compared to age matched healthy adolescents. Subsequently, we will design an exercise intervention for adolescents who newly have finished cancer treatment.

Funding: In progress

Project Status: Planned