Late effects, male fertility and off spring health after cancer in childhood

Norwegian title:Seneffekter, mannlig fertilitet og helse hos avkom etter kreft i barndommen – en kopling av nasjonale helseregistre

Project coordinator: Dag Moster Universitetet i Bergen (UiB)

Investigator/PhD student: Maria Winther Gunnes UiB

Collaborators: R T Lie UiB, T Bjørge UiB, E Ruud (OUS), A Syse (UiO), F Wesenberg (UiO)

Synopsis: The project aims at exploring the relationship between cancer in childhood and outcomes in adulthood in a national cohort by linking the information from the Cancer registry of Norway to information in other national registries that include data on subsequent health outcomes, medical disabilities, education, income, family status, social security benefits and unemployment compensation. This part of the study will focus on male survivor’s fertility and their children’s health conditions

Funding: Helse Vest

Project Status: Ongoing