Long-term follow-up care of cancer survivors: The experiences and views of general practitioners and oncologists. A Norwegian Consortium on Late Effects after Cancer initiative

Norwegian title:

Oppfølging av kreftoverlevere med, eller med risiko for, seneffekter etter kreftbehandling: Fastlegers og onkologers erfaringer og synspunkter

Project coordinator: Jon Håvard Loge OUS and Jo-Åsmund Lund NTNU

Investigators: Hanne Cathrine Lie OUS, Kari Sand, NTNU

Collaborators: Cecilie Kiserud OUS, Ellen Ruud OUS, Arnstein Finset UiO, Stein Kaasa OUS/NTNU

Synopsis: Given childhood cancer survivors' risks of late effects, ongoing follow-up care is recommended. General practitioners (GPs) are probably best suited to take responsibility for such long-term, holistic care. Through focus groups interviews, we examine oncologists' and GPs’ views on what are necessary requirements for GPs to be able to assume responsibility for long-term follow up of childhood cancer survivors. This study is collaboration between NTNU, St Olavs Hospital, Trondheim and OUS Radiumhospitalet, Rikshospitalet and UiO, Oslo.

Funding: The Norwegian Cancer Society

Project Status: Ongoing